Destination : Estancia Laguna Verde (Jurassic Lake) – Argentina

Quick Facts

Species: Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout & Brook Trout
Season: Dec – mid-Apr
Capacity:  12 Anglers

2013 Rates (Double Occupancy per person):

7 nights / 6 days:                      $3,950
Non-Fishing:                             $2,000


Helpful Hints 

Location:   Located in the province of Santa Cruz Argentina, Estancia Laguna Verde is 70 miles from Gobernador Gregores city and about 185 miles from El Calafate city

Closest Airport:  El Calafate City International Airport, Argentina (FTE)

Local Time:  GMT -3 hours or PST + 6 hours

Currency:  The currency in Argentina is the Peso (ARS). The lodge does not accept credit cards for incidentals, and guests should bring cash for all gratuities and incidentals.

Communications:  The Lodge offers guests the use of a Satellite and IP telephone and free unlimited Wi-Fi Internet access, with a computer available for guest use at the lodge.

Water:  The water in the area is fine to drink, and bottled water is provided.

Laundry:  Laundry service is provided twice a week.

Power:  The lodge has 220-volt power and takes the rounded two-prong plug. Please bring a (110v to 220v transformer) to power any small electrical items you bring.

Documents Required:  Passport`

Destination Overview

Are you seeking your “personal best” trout?  Then Lake Strobel, a.k.a. Jurassic Lake is the place for you. Enjoy the comfort of this exclusive, remote lodge, located on 37,000 acres, on the southern border of Laguna Verde, near, internationally renowned for it’s huge trout. Access 65 square kilometers of crystal clear water by ATV’s to reach the water’s edge and other bays, inaccessible before.  “Monster Bay” holds huge, silver trout, weighing in from 5-10+ pounds.  Double-digit weights are not uncommon.  The estancia also offers fantastic action at the amazing Barrancoso River, the only tributary of the big lake, with more than 8 km running inside the estancia.  Challenging fishing at 15 smaller lakes located inside the ranch makes for some diverse fishing, surrounded by untouched landscapes and unique fauna, in one of the most remote areas of Patagonia.

Accommodations and Lodging

The exclusive Lodge, unique in the area of Strobel, is located a few meters from the beautiful “Laguna Verde,” named for the color of the lake.

The lodge main building is a typical “Estancia house” with three double bedrooms, with two single beds and comfortable “en suite” bathrooms, provided with 24 hour, hot water. It also has one extra complete bathroom.  The lodge can accommodate a maximum of six anglers per week. There is a spacious living room looking at Laguna Verde, where wine and cocktails are served, as well as a 42´ LCD TV set provided with satellite connection and a DVD player for entertainment as well as a fly tying desk, to enjoy when not fishing. The staff at the lodge offers friendly and professional attention to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere to guarantee a truly unforgettable experience.


Estancia Laguna Verde offers excellent cuisine, in charge of its exclusive chef and sous chef, preparing typical Argentinean food, like great “asados” (barbeques), the famous Patagonian lamb, and the best international dishes, all served with great wines from Mendoza, and other parts of Argentina.

Taking all this into account is it that we have carefully planned our daily menu including several mouth-watering typical dishes of different regions of Argentina. So visitors will have the chance to taste, among other dishes, our supreme “asado pampeano” (barbecue), “puchero bonaerense” (meat stew with vegetables), “cordero patagonico” (lamb), “chupin litoraleño” (fish stew), “empanadas mendocinas”, “locro salteño”, “milanesas and bifes de chorizo porteños”, our classic pasta “fattas in casa” (homemade) and other typical vegetable and fish dishes.

Please inform us of any dietary restrictions in advance, before departure


All dishes are accompanied with an outstanding selection of wines from Mendoza, San Juan, Salta and Neuquén among which we offer different brands of our ineffable Malbec, the traditional Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Merlot. Besides, our visitors will also be able to enjoy the deep Tannat and our unique stock of white wine (Torrontés variety), which in the Andes mountain range and its special climate has acquired a new incredible dimension.

 Sample Menu

In the morning, at the lodge, visitors will be served an excellent and satisfying breakfast to start off the day with plenty of energy. They will be able to choose from coffee, tea, fruit juices, yogurts, milk, regional cheese, eggs, ham, toasts, freshly baked bread, croissants, butter, patagonic marmalades, honey, cereals, as well as dried and fresh fruits.

 At noon, lunch will be arranged depending on which section of the Estancia our guest fishermen are fishing that day, and according to the preferences the guests have stated to the lodge’s host or chef. Alternatives are many, varying from trout or meat “al disco” (a special way of barbecuing in the open air) accompanied with salads when fishing the chained lagoons; or picnics with different cold meats, a selection of cold cuts, cheese and fruits when fishing the Barrancoso river; or relaxing at the coast of Lake Strobel which is fully-equipped with great comforts and soft armchairs for a satisfying generous lunch and for a “siesta” for those who think that after an exciting though tiring morning of great fishing they can take it more slowly the rest of the day.

In the afternoon or at any time of the day our guests wish it for, they can enjoy a comforting coffee, tea or mate (as Argentinean fishermen do) or even a regional liquor together with sandwiches, cookies, crackers, or our typical “alfajores” to fill them up with energy as Strobel rainbow trout are a fitting reward for our guests’ efforts.

In the evening, the best cooking is again served at the lodge right after our guests have returned from their fishing adventures and have made themselves comfortable. In a friendly atmosphere, visitors will be able to enjoy as a starter “tablas de fiambres” which consist of a broad selection of cow, goat and sheep cheese from Cordoba; several cold cuts from La Pampa including ham, dried fillet steak, “bondiola”, pork, deer and wild boar “chorizos secos” (highly-seasoned sausages) and salami; as well as olives and pickles from Mendoza. As visitors try out our “tablas de fiambres” they will begin to taste as well the specially chosen wines for the meal served that evening -without detriment, of course, of particular wine preferences of each of our guests.

For desserts, we have planned, apart from a great variety of fresh fruits, as well as different classics of the regional and international gastronomy, among others.

After dinner, coffee, tea, clear brandies from Catamarca, liquors from Patagonia, whisky, brandy or cognac will be served and will be available at the bar of the lodge’s comfortable living room so that our guests can end their fishing day in a very relaxing way in a cozy atmosphere where they can rejoice by looking at the pictures taken during the day, can log into the computer and surf the internet, or they can just relax and share the day’s great fishing experience with other guest fishermen, so as to start savoring next day catches.

Fishing Information

Anglers can expect to catch huge fish, maybe their “personal best on Lake Strobel.  Anglers fish the drop offs near the shore as well as flats offering wading possibilities for huge cruising fish including “Monster Bay” which is arguably the premier location on the lake and is located within the estancia’s borders. Trout on Lake Strobel run big and that is just that. During the past season over 25 rainbows were landed from the lake pushing 20 pounds with an astounding seasonal average of ten pounds.

Anglers should expect to ride in trucks on rocky roads, on ATV’s and in row-boats to get to they’re fishing spots.  Also pack gear and be able to handle large fish in a tough environment. Rods capable of casting both floating and sinking lines in potentially high winds to fish up to and over 20 pounds are a must. Fast action 8- or 9-weight rigs are recommended and reels with ample backing and smooth even drag systems are an absolute must. Often anglers choose two-handed spey rods on the lake, which are perfect for accommodating long casts and to cut the Southern Patagonia winds.

When fishing the Estancias gin clear rivers, a 5- or 6-weight rod is perfect and one with a fighting butt is even better. Floating lines, nymphs and dry flies take trout equally. Wear clothes that blend in, around these clear waters.

There has been a vast improvement in the roads around the Estancia, which gives anglers better access to the 10 kilometers of lake coastline and three of the upper beats of the Barrancoso River.

 Fishing License

They will take care of the fishing license when you book the trip.  It is $50 per week ($360 pesos).  They are not available at the lodge.  The Patagonia Fishing authorities only allow fly shops and National Parks to sell them.


7 nights / 6 days:                      $5,200
4 nights / 3.5 days:                   $3,100

Two anglers per room / 2 single beds and 2 anglers per guide

Remember Fishermen’s Spot Travel services are always FREE to you!  You never pay more than what you would pay if you booked directly with the lodge.

What’s Included:

  • Gourmet Meals
  • Beverages including wine, cocktails and bottled water
  • Use of boats, ATV’s and trucks on Estancia property
  • Transportation to and from El Calafate City Airport (FTE)

What’s Not Included:

  • Air transportation to and from Buenos Aires
  • Domestic airfare between Buenos Aires and El Calafate City Airport
  • Personal Equipment and all fishing gear
  • Hotels (if you stay overnight in Buenos Aires and/or Calafate City, Argentina)
  • Fishing License
  • Gratuities for guides and staff

How to get there

To get there we recommend that you fly to Buenos Aires (EZE) and then take a domestic flight to El Calafate City Airport in the province of Santa Cruz located 185 miles from Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge.

We recommend you arrive in El Calafate City the night before the start of your week at the lodge as the drive from El Calafate to the Lodge is 4-5 hours.

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina so many guests stay the night or a couple of nights in Buenos Aires before heading to the lodge.

Non-Angling Activities

Estancia Laguna Verde is an outdoor enthusiast paradise, offering lots of alternatives like hiking, bird watching, photo safaris, four track and four-wheel drive off road travelling, etc.

We offer cordiality in traditional or adventure services, both for individuals or groups and the chance to customize activities exclusively for you or your group.

As you may know, southern Patagonia is an internationally renowned destination for birding fans all over the world, because of the extraordinary opportunities to admire wild untouched flora and fauna typical of this incredible region of Argentina.

A typical birding day at Estancia Laguna Verde starts with a hearty breakfast at the Lodge followed by a short bird watching hike along Barrancoso River, close to the principal facilities, and then visit some of the 15 chained lakes, to admire the beautiful birds and other fauna typical of this unique region of Patagonia Argentina.

According to the visitors, the activities could include visiting Lake Strobel, inside Estancia Laguna Verde, as well as exploration trips outside our property, such as Lake Cardiel, Santa Cruz River, Pinturas River, Lake Pueyrredon, Oro River, etc.

After a long day of admiring such incredible landscapes, flora and fauna, it’s time to get back to the lodge, to enjoy a typical Argentinean meal admiring Green Lake (Laguna Verde).

Some of the birds you will be able to see are among others, the famous and rare maca tobiano (podiceps gallardo), Flamencos australes (chilean flamingo), cauquén común (chloephaga picta), coscoroba (coscvoroba coscoroba), cisne de cuello negro (cygnus melancoryphus), pato de anteojos (anas specularis, bandurria (buff-necked ibis), carancho (polyborus plancus), chimango (milvago chimango), halcón peregrino (falco peregrinus), halconcito colorado (falco sparverius), ostrero austral, (aematopus leucopodus), tero común (vanellus chilensis), becasina común (gallinago gallinago), golondrina patragónica (tachcyneta leucopyga), zorzal patagónico (turdus falklandii), loica común (sturnella loyca).


Estancia Laguna Verde offers the visitors a wide variety of trekking tours from beginners to expert trekkers. These activities at our lodge begin at the first week of November, finishing at the end of April, and depending on the weather, could extend to May. Usually warmer weather begins at the middle of December until the beginning of March.

While staying at our lodge, you can combine fishing with activities with your family or group of friends, enjoying the wonderful landscapes, while trekking inside our 15.000 hectares ranch, with amazing views, designed circuits, fantastic flora and fauna, visiting the major points of Estancia Laguna Verde, and if desired, make short trips to different destinations such as Cardiel and Pueyrredón Lake, Las Manos Cave, Pinturas and Santa Cruz River, glacier hiking at “El Chalten”, etc.

Four-wheel drive and four-track off road adventure

If you are an off road four-wheel drive or four-track adventure lover, our Estancia offers you a wide range of possibilities, with programs for experts as well as for families with children older than 8 years.

While fishing with us, it is possible for you and your family or friends to enjoy specially designed circuits, fantastic flora and fauna, visiting the major points of Estancia Laguna Verde, and if desired, make short trips to different destinations such as Cardiel and Pueyrredon Lake, Las Manos Cave, Pinturas and Santa Cruz River, among others.