Fly Fishing 201

Two-Day On the Water Fly Fishing Clinic


Join Dave D’Beaupre (guide, instructor and owner of Sierra Trout Magnet (STM)) and the STM pros on a two-day on the water educational experience to improve your fly fishing confidence and success. The guides at STM are fly fishermen, they don’t cast out a stinky piece of bait to attract fish…

DSC_0754The Clinic will focus on the art of Nymphing, Dry Fly Fishing, and Streamers and you’ll learn how to properly read water to see where a majority of the fish hold in the rivers currents to optimize success. Rocks will be turned over and bugs identified to provide the student with a solid base of freshwater aquatic entomology. Rods will be strung up, and proper rigging will be taught for indicator and indicator-less nymphing (Euro Nymphing), dry fly presentation, and streamer tugging. Knots, fly selection, casting applications, and, of course, a few other guides secrets will also be revealed on the water. Most, if not all of the learning experience will be on the water. Students will be spread along the river to practice learned techniques while STM staff individually passes between all students for personal guidance.

The classes will take place on various waters around Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, and possibly as far as Bridgeport. We will choose the best possible destination depending on the weather, time of year and fish activity to optimize learning and success on the water.

20140121_1546572024 Clinic Dates:

Apr 13/14, May 4/5, Jun 22/23, Jul 13/14, Aug 10/11, Sep 28/29, Oct 12/13, Nov 9/10 and Dec 7/8. Call for additional availability

Cost:  $400 per person
Class size:  Limited to 6 students, with a minimum of 3 to guarantee class
Includes:  6 hour class per day
Does Not Include:   lodging, tackle, other meals, license, and transportation to and from fishing locations.

To Book a Trip or get more information email us or give us a call:

–  (818) 785-7306