Destination : Wild Waters Fly Fishing – California, US


Quick Facts

Species: Rainbow & Brown Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Bass, & Shad
Season: Year Round
Capacity:  1 – 10 anglers


Full Guide Day:       $395 – $425
Half Guide Day:                   $275



Helpful Hints 

Location:  Based in Redding and Mt Shasta, CA

Closest Airport:  Varies based on fishing location chosen

Local Time:  Pacific Standard Time

Communications:  Varies based on accommodation chosen but most offer wi-fi.

Documents Required:  California fishing license

Destination Overview

Northern California is rapidly becoming a top choice for anglers from throughout the United States. Experience the adventure of fishing some of the most famous and productive waters of California and the West.  Fish many of Northern California’s top fisheries including the McCloud, Klamath, Trinity, Rogue, the Upper and Lower Sacramento Rivers, the Fall and Pit Rivers and also, lake bass fishing.  Northern California offers trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, shad, and other species of fish. There are many different waters to challenge anglers of all levels, year round.  Each guide specializes on up to only three rivers, for quality experience.  They have a reputation of being great instructors and working very well with anglers of all levels, including kids.  It’s easy to get to the Redding, Mt Shasta or Medford Oregon, mostly along the I-5 Freeway, by car or plane. Anglers will enjoy beautiful scenery and quality guide service and instruction with over ten years of experience.


Guide service is based out of Redding and Mt Shasta, CA.  Lodging varies based on Fishing destination chosen.  Let us know where you want to fish and we will provide you a list of recommended places to stay.

Fishing Information

McCloud River, Dunsmuir CA

The McCloud River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world. It is home to both rainbows and brown trout. The native rainbows are the fish that were planted in South America, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. Rainbows average between 10 and 15 inches with some in the 20-inch range. The browns can get up to 30 inches in this spectacular piece of water. The big browns are selective and require a perfect presentation. But when the timing is right, anglers can catch a trout of a lifetime.

Access to the McCloud River is limited. There is very little water to fish up from Shasta Lake, but when the lake is low there is some great fishing down low. There is a private fishing club up from the lake that limits the lower access. The rest of the river is accessed from the town of McCloud. Anglers either fish right below the dam or drive down the canyon to fish either the Nature Conservancy property or the stretch around Ah Di Na campground. The McCloud is a walk and wade fishery. With the limited access, anglers must be ready to hike a ways to get around other fishers. The Pacific Crest Trail follows the river for several miles and connects the dam stretch to the Ah Di Na campground. The McCloud River is open during the regular fishing season and fishes well throughout the season.

Cost (Prices are for 1-2 people):

Full Day $425 (Includes all terminal tackle and stream-side lunch)

Klamath River, Yreka CA

The Klamath River is a great river to fish for trout, steelhead, and salmon. The use of a drift boat is the best way to fish this river, but there are many places to walk and wade. The river gets one of the best salmon fly hatches in the state. These 2-inch bugs will keep every fish looking up for weeks during May and June. During this time, anglers can get over 100 strikes a day. The salmon start showing up in late August or September and continue through early November. The steelhead start showing in good numbers in late September and run through early February.

The Klamath is consistently one of the best places to catch steelhead. The average adult is 4 to 5 pounds but there are many that go over the 10-pound mark. We use various techniques throughout the season, including nymphing, swinging, and skating flies. This is a great river to work on skills as there are a bunch of adults and half-pounders that willing hit the flies. If you want to get a kid into a big fish, this is the river to do it.

The salmon fishing in this river is epic. They are eager to hit flies and a typical day on the water ends with numerous fish hooked, a sore arm, and a big smile.

This river is not affected by flow changes as much as other rivers. The river is fishable all but a few days of the season, which makes cancellations less likely.

Season= Steelhead=October-March Trout=October-July

Cost (Prices are for 1-2 people):

Full Day $395 (Includes all terminal tackle and stream-side lunch)

Upper Sacramento River, Dunsmuir CA

Paralleling the I-5 freeway flows the famous Upper Sacramento River. This is a wonderfully prolific river and open all year. Upper Sacramento River trout leap high, take long runs and fight hard. Migratory Shasta Lake Kamloops and Browns are big and in the system all year long. Spring high flows can be daunting but if you know your spots can provide brilliant fishing. During the summer its “game on” with huge hatches lined-up back to back. During the fall colors and October Caddis, anglers from all over flock to this river and she has done well to provide excellent fishing to so many.  With views of the Castle Crags and Mt Shasta, the Upper Sacramento remains one of the most beautiful places to fish and its easy access is great for those who want to avoid a long hike.  Now open all season long!  Check the Regulations.

Cost (Prices are for 1-2 people):

Full Day $395 (Includes all terminal tackle and stream-side lunch)
Half Day $250 (Includes all terminal tackle)

Lower Sacramento River, Redding CA

The Lower Sacramento River below Lake Shasta is a world-class tailwater fishery. It is mostly a rainbow trout fishery with an average size of 16 inches and many going well over twenty inches. Pound for pound, these are some of the hardest fighting rainbows. The Lower Sac also gets runs of salmon and steelhead that will test the abilities of any angler.  Lower down the river, there are seasonal runs of shad and stripers.

Anglers will enjoy great nymph fishing as well as some great dry fly activity. The dominant insect is the caddis but there are also mayflies, midges and stones that trout feed on. The best way to fish the river is from a drift boat as it is a larger river and walk-in access is somewhat limited. Each drift is between 2 and 8 miles. Anglers can fish different sections of the river each day to fully experience the Lower Sac.

The river is open all year. The rainbow fishing is great year round with some of the best dry fly activity in the Spring and Fall. The salmon fishing starts in late August and continues through November.  Steelhead are difficult to target on this river, but they usually run between September and January.

Cost (Prices are for 1-2 people):

Full Day $425 (Includes all terminal tackle and stream-side lunch)

Other Places We Fish:

  • The Trinity River
  • The Rogue River
  • The Fall River
  • Hat Creek
  • The Pit River
  • Lakes and Ponds

Please contact us for Fishing and Rate information on any of the above waters.


Rates vary based on fishing location chosen (see Fishing Information)

Remember Fishermen’s Spot Travel services are always FREE to you!  You never pay more than what you would pay if you booked directly with the lodge.

What’s Included:

  • All the necessary terminal tackle (leaders, tippet, etc.) and flies
  • Lunch on Full Day trips

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation to Redding CA or Medford OR
  • Fly Rods & Reels
  • Waders and boots
  • Lodging
  • California fishing license
  • Gratuities for guides

How to get there

Wild Waters Fly Fishing guides cover Northern California’s top fisheries thus lodging and directions to get there depend on the waters you want to fish.

Let us know which water(s) you want to fish and we will tell you how to get there!